Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New York

Arrived in new york, suitably excited about a month on tour and dazed after the flight. Although my experience of US immigration has always been pretty poor, for a change they were quite friendly -- maybe that's because now they've got me on their fingerprint file, they know I can't get away with anything.

Got out the terminal and spent 15 minutes on their internal railway going in circles because I hadn't realised there was an inner an outer train...DOH!

Arrived at budget to collect the car and predictably rather than the ford Mustang I was hoping for we got a chrysler Sebring. Looks quite nice although a bit of a gondala when it comes to driving. The words 'precise steering' and american cars don't really seem to go together.

Jumped in for the first journey to the Hamptons where we had pre booked accomodation. Claire was going nuts at me on the interstate for straddling two lanes....hmmmm

Initially quite nervous driving on the other (read wrong) side of the road. But got used to it.


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