Friday, August 11, 2006

Whitewater rafting on the Kennebec

The next morning we met in the main lodge and signed a stack of release forms for the white water rafting. It's a testament to the USA that people need to sign a form to acknowledge the fact that white water rafting can be dangerous -- but there you go.

We had a safety instruction and then headed out on some old school buses to the Florida Electric dam. Armed with our lifejackets, paddles and helmets we met up with our group and our tour leader Nick.

Our trip started and took in some very fierce class 4 rapids. It was really good fun and we got totally soaked. Some guys were scooting down the river in mini canoes and they were performing some ridiculous tricks. It's difficult to put into words the pleasure of getting wet and fighting the rapids. Nick our guide was expert at setting the boat up for the rapids and we had some great 'hits'.

After about 6 miles we pulled over to a small beach area where the northern outdoors team treated us to a nice lunch.

After lunch we set off on the remainder of the trip. This section of river was far more tame. However we got to use a inflatable kayak -- which I fell out of and also got to swim in the river being dragged along by the current - I've never swum so fast.

All in all a great day and very well organised (this is starting to sound like an advertorial but it was genuinely fantastic).


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