Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Started the day with a great coffee in Borders, at a placed called Seatle coffee which is much better than Starbucks. We headed down to Union Station to go on a duck tour. We have wanted to try a duck tour (in a 1940's amphibious craft) for a while, but to be honest it's not the best way to see the city, the trip on the river is just slow and boring and the general ride is pretty authentic 1940's.

We went to the Senate, but discovered you need to have a ticket for an internal tour, the earlier the better, so we will have a go tomorrow. Next stop was the Botanical Gardens, which are well worth a visit.

We strolled along the mall to the National Space museum, it is probably the best space museum in the world and Dan took about three hours looking in detail. We did pay to watch Einstein's Planetarium with all the latest discoveries in space. We decided to buy some space food to try which tastes exactly like the real thing, strange stuff a $4 oreo cookie - probably not worth the money but interesting nonetheless.


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