Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've always felt uneasy about driving in New York. Everytime I've ever been there the scale of the traffic and the amount of beeping (although I did notice some signs threatening a fine for 'honking') has made me think it must be the hardest place in the world to fact it wasn't so bad.

A friend of mine very kindly offered to let us stay in her flat in Gramercy. We found the flat and managed to park in a garage round the corner.

On the first night we went to a place in the Meat Packers (i'll post the name when I remember it). It was a very cool bar with a restaurant upstairs. Unfortunately the chef was rather too keen on chilli and lemon grass (a theme that was consistent throughout the meal). I had some belly pork to start ... think lemongrass.... and then a duck breast. The duck breast was a $30 lesson in how not combine duck with lemongrass. When we were offered desert I jokingly remarked that there was bound to be something with lemon grass on the desert! I politely declined.